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Emilie DN

The Calgary Harpist


Emilie​ is a classically trained Harpist who has been performing for audiences around Alberta since she was a child.

In 2014 She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor Degree in Music Performance.

Emilie studied with Tisha Murvihill, the primary harpist of the Calgary Philharmonic, and with the renown Canadian harpist Heidi Krutzen while at the University of British Columbia. 

Emilie has extensive experience performing for Weddings, private parties, community events and corporate stages from small to large.


Emilie's style and great sense of composure has been a soothing balm for the bereaved at funerals and memorial services all over the province.

Emilie resides in Bragg Creek with her family and cat, Bentley.


Private Sessions


a private lesson

I offer private harp lessons at my studio in the Mission area. the length of lessons being 30 or 60 minutes, starting at $30.00. If you don't already have a harp I have some available for rent.


I'm an enthusiastic teacher who will work with you to achieve your musical goals. be it anything from wanting to perfect your skill on the harp, or wanting to learn music for the first time. 


I am happy to teach all ages and skill levels. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!   

"Emilie makes learning the harp fun, and her lessons are  interactive. I've learned a lot. She has a good teaching style."

- Naomi  (11 year old girl)

"As a 63 year old lady who has never played an instrument and can't read music, I was thrilled when Emilie agreed to take me on as a student.

I have found it extremely easy to learn the harp under her tutelage.

Emilie is patient, supportive and brilliant at showing me how to customize my fingering technique to accommodate my unskilled hands.

Learning the harp has been a lifelong dream, and thanks to the talents of this extraordinary teacher, I am now able to say I can play the harp!

I would recommend Emilie to anyone who may have a secret dream of playing the harp but was afraid to take that first step."

- Jacqueline Guest

“Everything went so seamlessly. I saw you there and you took care of everything. You are a true professional. Thank you so much. I would like to hire you again should the opportunity arrise for another occasion. All the best. Arlene."
- Arlene McDonald (Mother of the Bride)

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